Arkansas beats Kansas State, SEC wins bowl season

Last night Arkansas beat KansasState 29-16 in the CottonBowl which is a huge win for the SEC. The SEC and the Big12 were the two best conferences all year and they each have had the most impressive bowl seasons so far. Coming into this game the SEC was 4-2 in Bowl Games so far and the Big12 was6-1. With the Arkansas win both conferences now have two losses. The SEC will get one win and a loss after the NationalChampionship game between Alabama and LSU. If Alabama and LSU weren’t playing the SEC would probably get an extra win and one less loss because Alabama would most likely beat any team they played in what would have probably been the SugarBowl. The CottonBowl was also the only direct game between a team from the SEC and a team from the Big12. The SEC received the bragging rights with Arkansas’s win. As for the game itself it was an entertaining one. Arkansas jumped out to a 19-0 lead, but they got their extra point block and KansasState returned it for 2. After Arkansas fumbled inside their own twenty KansasState scored right before halftime to make it 19-9. KansasState scored in the third quarter but after that it was all Arkansas and the Razorbacks scored 10 straight points to win 29-16.

1)      Joe Adams had another fantastic puntreturn in this game. He will be a good draft pick in April for both him as a receiver and a return man. He is a stud returner.


2)      What was Bobby Petrino thinking before half? Arkansas had the ball with 1:40 left and KansasState had no timeouts. Instead of just running the ball and going in at half up 19-2 Arkansas threw on all three downs and on 3rd down their QB Wilson fumbled which allowed KansasState to score and make it 19-9 at half. Petrino should have kneeled or run the ball there.