My College Football Playoff Systems

Here are some proposed playoff systems that I think would be best for college football.

1)The PlusOne system: If there are changes coming the most likely change would go to a plusone system. In a plusone system simply the top four teams would make a playoff where the team ranked 1 plays the team ranked 4 and 2 plays 3. I think this system could be the best of all worlds. All of the BCS bowl games could be maintained, two of the games could be  the semifinals and then the Championship game would stay in place. This system allows for more than two teams to compete for the title but it also allows for each regular season game to continue to hold meaning and a loss in the regular season could still knock a team out of title contention.

2)12 team playoff: This system would have a playoff that includes the following teams. The six Conferences that are now the “BCS” Conferences, and then have six atlarge teams with the highest ranking also in the playoff. To seed would be based solely on ranking. It would be just 1v12, 2v11 and work out from there such as the NCAABasketball brackets do. Teams that are in great conferences wouldn’t be hurt because if a team doesn’t win their conference there are the six atlarge spots. Teams in what are now non-aq conferences  would benefit because if they are ranked as one of the top six teams not to win a aq conference they would get into the playoff. I like the idea of having a lot of teams compete for a title, like is done in NCAA basketball, however I think this system might hurt the collegefootball regular season. A team ranked #1 would have little to play for towards the end of the season. By having 12 teams get into the playoff games late in the season could have less impact. However there would be a lot of teams fighting for the 10-12 spots so there would still be a lot of meaningful games. This system would work, and it would be interesting to see it get put into place.

3)Keep the BCS the way it is: I do think some changes are necessary, but college football would be exciting no matter what. I think having four or twelve teams compete for a title would be the best solution and be great for the sport. By having a playoff system it would allow for more meaningful games through the playoff system.