College football in week 5

So far this has been a great year of college football. There are a lot of great teams and players to watch and so far every week has had great matchups and great games. I’m a fan of BoiseState, Texas, and Florida and all three are off to a great start. Before the year I predicted all three would finish in the top ten and I still think all three will. I’ll break down each team’s season so far and then look at some other storylines I find interesting.

BoiseState– The Broncos look great so far. Kellen Moore is as sharp as ever and I think is a top three choice for the Heisman. The rest of the offense has looked great as well. I’ve been very impressed with the new group of receivers this year. Doug Martin is very consistent and I love watching him when he gets the ball. The game against Georgia was one of my favorite games ever and was a huge win for the good guys in blue. The defense has been very good so far as well. The D-line is getting a ton of pressure and is also shutting down other teams run games.  I think this team will continue to play great the whole year. I’m looking for them to be in the BCS hunt all year and hopefully they can get into the Championship game.

Texas- I’m very excited for the rest of the Longhorn’s year and going into the future. There is talent up and down the roster and I am loving the new coaching additions. Manny Diaz and Bryan Harsin are both doing a great job. Malcolm Brown is as advertised and even better. The passing game with Mccoy and Ash is looking solid as well. So far the defense has been swarming and all three segments are playing really well. I’m predicting a big Texas win this coming week against Oklahoma which would be a huge win. No matter what happens this week though I think Texas has a real shot to either go undefeated or end the year with just one loss. With the new Big12 format with no championship game it makes every conference game that much more important. No matter what though I think this team will get into a big bowl game and I am loving seeing them play so well.

Florida- Will Muschamp has done a great job with this team so far. The Gators had a tough loss against a really tough Alabama team but I still love the Gators moving forward. They looked great in their first four games on both offense and defense. They have all the weapons on offense with Demps, Rainey, Burton, Reed, Hammond and many others. We’ll see what happens at quarterback with the Brantley injury. On defense I have also been very impressed. Bostic and Jenkins in the middle have been absolutely amazing. The young secondary has also impressed me and the d-line and outside backers have been playing great as well. Charlie Weis has done good things with the offense and after that tough loss I’m looking for the Gators to come back strong. I think this team is the best in the SEC East and I expect them to represent the east in what will probably be a rematch with Alabama. The Gators have a lot of tests left this year but I think they are just as good if not better than all of the teams they will play. I would love to see them get another chance at the Tide in the SEC Championship and I predict that is what will happen. I love the Gators to win out the rest of the regular season and also get into a big bowl game.

Other storyline so far this year

I had the chance to go and see PennState play against Temple earlier this year. While the QB situation is a bit shaky I was impressed with the team as a whole. The defense has looked very impressive and the offense has talent. If they figure out what they are doing at QB they could be a very good team. Especially with OhioSt. down I think they have a very good chance to win their division of the Big10. Their main test for the Leaders division will probably be Wisconsin. If they can beat Wisconsin they could get into the inaugural Big10 championship game. I predict this to happen and who knows what could happen when they get there.

Alabama– At halftime of the Alabama PennSt week two game I turned to my dad and said Alabama is going to win the national championship. I am liking that prediction right now. Alabama has the best defense in the country in my opinion. I find it very enjoyable to watch their defense play just because they are that good. Guys like Upshaw, Hightower, Barron ,Kirkpatrick, Mosley and the rest of that defense are just amazing. Their offense has also been very impressive. Trent Richardson has been a beast and I think should be a Heisman candidate. A.J Mccaron has also been impressive. Before the Florida-Alabama game I said that the winner of that game will play in the national championship and I am sticking by that. I think that Florida and Alabama will meet again in the SEC championship and the winner of that game will go to the National Championship.