A few thoughts on the Eagles Steelers preseason game last night. First, some people are worried at how the Eagles played and how this could have be a preview of maybe things to come. I don’t think that at all. Last year in the Eagles second preseason game they played at the Bengals and lost 22-9 which is the same point margin they lost by last night. Mike Vick didn’t play particularly well in that game or for the most part in the whole preseason last year and he had a historically good regular season. So I don’t put much stock into the int’s he threw last night. Also the year the Eagles went to the Superbowl they lost a preseason game to the Steelers 27-21 so maybe last night was a good omen who knows. Also if you remember from that year the Eagles first home preseason game that year was against the Ravens same as this year and they also had their 4th preseason game at the Jets same as this year. Overall I’m excited for next week’s game against the Browns and very excited for the regular season to start.

Some things I caught from the game:

1)Although the Steelers first team offense did have two nice TD drives against the Eagles 1st team defense on the first drive Cullen Jenkins sacked Roethlisberger on a third down that would have ended the drive but the Steelers got a first down because of a facemask. Although that is obviously a part of the game the Eagles 1st defense did show some good signs.

2)A lot of people are talking about the Eagles run stopping yesterday and the linebackers and how they might be undersized but consider this. The Eagles two best runstopping DTs didn’t play yesterday. Antonio Dixon and Mike Patterson. With them in the lineup it will keep blockers off of the linebackers which will let the linebackers use their speed to go around and make plays. I think the Eagles run defense will be really good this year I’m not concerned about it right now.

3)The worst thing I saw last night was the Steelers first TD pass which went to Antonio Brown. It was a 3rd and 7 and the Eagles blitzed on the play. Samuel was one on one with Brown in coverage. Samuel bit on the move by Brown which allowed Brown to be wide open for a TD because Samuel didn’t have safety help. Unless the safety was supposed to be helping Samuel deep that was a really bad play by Samuel. On a 3rd and 7 he needs to cover the guy and limit the Steelers to a field goal there. Now that the Eagles have Rodgers-Cromartie if Samuel keeps making plays like that I would expect the Eagles to move Rodgers-Cromartie into coverage on bigger downs and have Samuel play just strictly underneath. Or they might still just trade him.

4)I mentioned the Eagles preseason game last year at the Bengals but I think it is worth mentioning one more time and worth focusing on Vick in particular. Vick went 1-5 that game for 6 yards and threw two interceptions. Just a few weeks later he was leading a potential comeback against the Packers and then leading the team to a great season and having an MVP caliber year himself. Come September 11th I think the Eagles and Vick will start to put up big numbers against the Rams and then throughout the year.

5)Dion Lewis looked really good again last night after a great game against the Ravens. Lewis played in college at Pitt so he was familiar with Pittsburgh and Heinz field. He looked really good last night especially on his reception he had where he made a bunch of nice moves and had a 40 yard reception on the play. He’ll come into the year as the 3rd string RB so I’m not sure if he will get a ton of time this year but I’m excited for his future. Dare I say he has some B-Westbrook in him?

6)Mike Kafka also looked really good last night. He led two TD drives towards the end of the game and finished going 14-19 for 160 yards and two td passes. He also had a 17 yard rush. I want Vince Young to be the backup this year and if Vick misses a few games this year due to injury I’m very confident VY could step in and win games for the Eagles. I think Young is still a future starter in the league and hopefully the Eagles will be able to trade him for some draft picks. And if the Eagles after this year or eventually do trade Young for picks especially after last night I would be very confident in Kafka as a backup and I think he too could be a successful starter in the NFL.

7)Last thing from last night I was a little concerned with how Nate Allen played. He had a really good rookie season last year until he had the knee injury. I don’t think he’s 100% back yet in terms of his knee so he’s somebody to keep an eye on moving forward. The good news is that the Eagles have plenty of depth at safety behind him (Jaiquawn Jarrett, Colt Anderson, and Jarrod Page) and starting alongside Allen will be Kurt Coleman who looked really good yesterday. I don’t know how serious the knee is and if that was the problem last night but he just seemed a step slow. If he isn’t back to full speed by the 1st week of the regular season I’d expect to see the safeties mentioned earlier see some time early on even if it is to just spell him and keep Allen fresh.

All in all even though the Eagles didn’t look great last night there were some things to like and moving forward I expect big things from them.