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Wimbledon 2012 Day 1 Recap


7 round Eagles mock draft

1- Donta Hightower

2-Coby Fleener

2-Brandon Boykin

3-Vinny Curry

4-Joe Adams

5-Vontaze Burfict

6-Dequan Menzie

6-Matt Reynolds

6-Chris Galippo

7-Winston Guy


7 round Eagles Mock draft



Three players the Eagles should consider drafting in the 2012 NFL Draft.

1)Dont’a Hightower LinebackerAlabama-Hightower is a beast LB who can play in the 4-3 or 3-4 and can play inside LB or outside. If the Eagles drafted him he would probably play on the strong side with Chaney in the middle and Brian Rolle/Casey Matthews on the weak side. Hightower has great size 6-4 265 and runs about a 4.65. The guy is a stud who can stuff the run and play sideline to sideline. He can rush the passer and also play in coverage. If Hightower is on the board at 15, he is a slamdunk no brainer pick for the Eagles in my opinion.


2) Alshon Jeffery WR SouthCarolina- Jeffery is a 6-4 229 receiver who could come in and make an instant impact. If the Eagles do the right thing and resign Desean Jackson, Jeffery would be a great compliment and could eventually emerge as a #1 receiver. He would be a great weapon in the redzone and would draw a lot of underneath coverage which would open up coverage for Celek as well as draw safeties into the box to help Jackson and Maclin. Whether in the first or second round Alshon Jeffery would make a great pick.


3) Joe Adams WR Arkansas-  Joe Adams would be a great pick because of his versatile. He was probably the best punt returner in the country this past year in college football. Go youtube his punt returns. He also could play wide receiver and could be groomed into a real nice weapon. Adams is the the type of guy you want on your team.

2012 CottonBowl

Arkansas beats Kansas State, SEC wins bowl season

Last night Arkansas beat KansasState 29-16 in the CottonBowl which is a huge win for the SEC. The SEC and the Big12 were the two best conferences all year and they each have had the most impressive bowl seasons so far. Coming into this game the SEC was 4-2 in Bowl Games so far and the Big12 was6-1. With the Arkansas win both conferences now have two losses. The SEC will get one win and a loss after the NationalChampionship game between Alabama and LSU. If Alabama and LSU weren’t playing the SEC would probably get an extra win and one less loss because Alabama would most likely beat any team they played in what would have probably been the SugarBowl. The CottonBowl was also the only direct game between a team from the SEC and a team from the Big12. The SEC received the bragging rights with Arkansas’s win. As for the game itself it was an entertaining one. Arkansas jumped out to a 19-0 lead, but they got their extra point block and KansasState returned it for 2. After Arkansas fumbled inside their own twenty KansasState scored right before halftime to make it 19-9. KansasState scored in the third quarter but after that it was all Arkansas and the Razorbacks scored 10 straight points to win 29-16.

1)      Joe Adams had another fantastic puntreturn in this game. He will be a good draft pick in April for both him as a receiver and a return man. He is a stud returner.


2)      What was Bobby Petrino thinking before half? Arkansas had the ball with 1:40 left and KansasState had no timeouts. Instead of just running the ball and going in at half up 19-2 Arkansas threw on all three downs and on 3rd down their QB Wilson fumbled which allowed KansasState to score and make it 19-9 at half. Petrino should have kneeled or run the ball there.

My College Football Playoff Systems

Here are some proposed playoff systems that I think would be best for college football.

1)The PlusOne system: If there are changes coming the most likely change would go to a plusone system. In a plusone system simply the top four teams would make a playoff where the team ranked 1 plays the team ranked 4 and 2 plays 3. I think this system could be the best of all worlds. All of the BCS bowl games could be maintained, two of the games could be  the semifinals and then the Championship game would stay in place. This system allows for more than two teams to compete for the title but it also allows for each regular season game to continue to hold meaning and a loss in the regular season could still knock a team out of title contention.

2)12 team playoff: This system would have a playoff that includes the following teams. The six Conferences that are now the “BCS” Conferences, and then have six atlarge teams with the highest ranking also in the playoff. To seed would be based solely on ranking. It would be just 1v12, 2v11 and work out from there such as the NCAABasketball brackets do. Teams that are in great conferences wouldn’t be hurt because if a team doesn’t win their conference there are the six atlarge spots. Teams in what are now non-aq conferences  would benefit because if they are ranked as one of the top six teams not to win a aq conference they would get into the playoff. I like the idea of having a lot of teams compete for a title, like is done in NCAA basketball, however I think this system might hurt the collegefootball regular season. A team ranked #1 would have little to play for towards the end of the season. By having 12 teams get into the playoff games late in the season could have less impact. However there would be a lot of teams fighting for the 10-12 spots so there would still be a lot of meaningful games. This system would work, and it would be interesting to see it get put into place.

3)Keep the BCS the way it is: I do think some changes are necessary, but college football would be exciting no matter what. I think having four or twelve teams compete for a title would be the best solution and be great for the sport. By having a playoff system it would allow for more meaningful games through the playoff system.

Heisman Race 11-3-11

There was some big shakeup in the Heisman race this past week in college football. Stanford had a big win and Andrew Luck was a big contributor to it. Clemson lost to Georgia Tech and Tajh Boyd’s Heisman campaign more or less ended. Here is my top five as it stands now in the race.

1)      Trent Richardson– The Alabama runningback has been a beast all year. In my view he is the best player on the best team in the nation. Alabama has relied heavily on Richardson this year with A.J Mccaron beign a first year QB. If Bama beats LSU and remains unbeaten I think Richardson is the most deserving of the award.

2)      Andrew Luck– Luck had a great performance in Stanford’s huge tripleover time win over USC this past week. At different points in the game Stanford was down by ten and with three minutes left the Cardinal was down by 7. Luck drove the offense down the field on a TD drive. Stanford then scored three TD’s in OT and went on to win a huge game. Luck is having a great year and I’m looking forward to him facing some upcoming tough Pac-12 tests.

3)      Kellen Moore– Moore has had an outstanding career and his having possibly his best season so far this year. The Boise QB is like a surgeon going up and down the field and carving up opposing defenses. I love watching Moore and Boise play because Moore is so efficient with the ball. If Luck or Richardson even have a slight slipup I would have no problem moving Moore to the top of the race.

4)      Silas Redd– The Nittany Lion RB is somewhat quietly putting up a huge year. The PSU QB situation hasn’t been very stable so far this year but it isn’t affecting Redd much. The sophomore RB has run for 987 yards on 195 rushes for 7 tds and is a big reason why PSU is undefeated so far in Big10 play.

5)      Brandon Weeden– The OkState QB is having a huge year and is in charge of one of the most prolific offenses in the nation. The Cowboys are third in the BCS and Weeden is a huge reason why. He is dishing out the ball really nicely and it has been a tough task so far to stop this Cowboy offense.

This week is a great one of college football. Texas and Oklahoma play in the RedRiver rivalry at noon and then Florida plays LSUat 3:30. The games are huge for both Texas and Florida. If Texas wins it puts them in the driver seat to win the Big12 and also jumps them right into the national championship race although I think they are there already. As for Florida a win would be huge for them as well as they would be the leader in the SEC East and the favorite to win the East from there. A win would also put the Gators in the BCS/ National Championship discussion.

Predictions: I’m taking Texas to win their biggest game since the 2008 win over Oklahoma. HookemHorns! I’m taking Texas 34-14

Florida-LSU: I’m taking the Gators to come up huge in this game. I’m going to go with 24-13 Gators. EatEmUp Gators!

A few of the other games I’ll be paying attention to:

Alabama-Vanderbilt– As I’ve said many times I love watching this Alabama defense and Trent Richardson play. I’m expecting them to soundly beat Vanderbilt.

PennState-Iowa- A win would be huge for the Nittany Lions. As I talked about last week I think they are the second best or possibly best team in the BigTen Leaders division. They have to beat Iowa though. I’m taking PennState by two touchdowns in this game.


College Football in week 5

College football in week 5

So far this has been a great year of college football. There are a lot of great teams and players to watch and so far every week has had great matchups and great games. I’m a fan of BoiseState, Texas, and Florida and all three are off to a great start. Before the year I predicted all three would finish in the top ten and I still think all three will. I’ll break down each team’s season so far and then look at some other storylines I find interesting.

BoiseState– The Broncos look great so far. Kellen Moore is as sharp as ever and I think is a top three choice for the Heisman. The rest of the offense has looked great as well. I’ve been very impressed with the new group of receivers this year. Doug Martin is very consistent and I love watching him when he gets the ball. The game against Georgia was one of my favorite games ever and was a huge win for the good guys in blue. The defense has been very good so far as well. The D-line is getting a ton of pressure and is also shutting down other teams run games.  I think this team will continue to play great the whole year. I’m looking for them to be in the BCS hunt all year and hopefully they can get into the Championship game.

Texas- I’m very excited for the rest of the Longhorn’s year and going into the future. There is talent up and down the roster and I am loving the new coaching additions. Manny Diaz and Bryan Harsin are both doing a great job. Malcolm Brown is as advertised and even better. The passing game with Mccoy and Ash is looking solid as well. So far the defense has been swarming and all three segments are playing really well. I’m predicting a big Texas win this coming week against Oklahoma which would be a huge win. No matter what happens this week though I think Texas has a real shot to either go undefeated or end the year with just one loss. With the new Big12 format with no championship game it makes every conference game that much more important. No matter what though I think this team will get into a big bowl game and I am loving seeing them play so well.

Florida- Will Muschamp has done a great job with this team so far. The Gators had a tough loss against a really tough Alabama team but I still love the Gators moving forward. They looked great in their first four games on both offense and defense. They have all the weapons on offense with Demps, Rainey, Burton, Reed, Hammond and many others. We’ll see what happens at quarterback with the Brantley injury. On defense I have also been very impressed. Bostic and Jenkins in the middle have been absolutely amazing. The young secondary has also impressed me and the d-line and outside backers have been playing great as well. Charlie Weis has done good things with the offense and after that tough loss I’m looking for the Gators to come back strong. I think this team is the best in the SEC East and I expect them to represent the east in what will probably be a rematch with Alabama. The Gators have a lot of tests left this year but I think they are just as good if not better than all of the teams they will play. I would love to see them get another chance at the Tide in the SEC Championship and I predict that is what will happen. I love the Gators to win out the rest of the regular season and also get into a big bowl game.

Other storyline so far this year

I had the chance to go and see PennState play against Temple earlier this year. While the QB situation is a bit shaky I was impressed with the team as a whole. The defense has looked very impressive and the offense has talent. If they figure out what they are doing at QB they could be a very good team. Especially with OhioSt. down I think they have a very good chance to win their division of the Big10. Their main test for the Leaders division will probably be Wisconsin. If they can beat Wisconsin they could get into the inaugural Big10 championship game. I predict this to happen and who knows what could happen when they get there.

Alabama– At halftime of the Alabama PennSt week two game I turned to my dad and said Alabama is going to win the national championship. I am liking that prediction right now. Alabama has the best defense in the country in my opinion. I find it very enjoyable to watch their defense play just because they are that good. Guys like Upshaw, Hightower, Barron ,Kirkpatrick, Mosley and the rest of that defense are just amazing. Their offense has also been very impressive. Trent Richardson has been a beast and I think should be a Heisman candidate. A.J Mccaron has also been impressive. Before the Florida-Alabama game I said that the winner of that game will play in the national championship and I am sticking by that. I think that Florida and Alabama will meet again in the SEC championship and the winner of that game will go to the National Championship.

2011-2012 NFL Predictions

NFC East                    

Eagles 12-4

Giants 6-10

Cowboys 6-10

Redskins 4-12

NFC West

Rams 9-7

49ers 7-9

Seahawks 6-10

Cardinals 4-12

NFC North

Packers 12-4

Lions 10-6

Vikings 9-7

Bears 6-10

NFC South

Buccaneers 11-5

Saints 8-8

Falcons 8-8

Panthers 7-9

AFC East

Patriots 12-4

Dolphins 8-8

Jets 7-9

Bills 6-10

AFC North


Steelers 9-7

Browns 7-9

Bengals 7-9

AFC West

Chiefs 11-5

Chargers 10-6

Broncos 7-9

Raiders 4-12

AFC South

Texans 10-6

Jaguars 8-8

Colts 8-8

Titans 5-11


WildCard: 3 Buccaneers over 6 Vikings

5 Lions over 4 Rams

Divisional: 1Eagles over5 Lions

2 Packers over 3Buccaneers

Conference Championship

1 Eagles over 2 Packers


1)      Patriots

2)      Ravens

3)      Cheifs

4)      Texans

5)      Chargers

6)      Steelers

WildCard: 3 Chiefs over 6 Steelers

5 Chargers over 4 Texans

1 Patriots over 5 Chargers

2 Ravens over 3 Chiefs

1 Patriots over 2 Ravens


1 Eagles over 1 Patriots